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Welcome to Geek Joy Hosting. The hosting service we provide is for our clients only.

To learn more about Web Development, Graphic Design, & SEO, please look at the Services below or visit Geek Joy Studios.


Like every small business owner in Los Angeles, you’re looking for quality web hosting at a price you can afford. A perfect balance of cost and quality is hard to strike. We understand small businesses, and so we want to make sure you’re getting the bargain you’re searching for without having to deal with slow sites that crash constantly.

To that end, we offer quality hosting equal to that of larger companies, but at a price point small business owners are more than pleased with. Your website content will load incredibly quickly thanks to our solid-state drives (SSDs), which are 50% speedier than the other options out there. Your data will be instantly accessible at the click of a mouse, thanks to our locally based servers operating on a cloud server (grid server) setup.

We provide scaling bandwidth, meaning your site will be able to handle traffic spikes with ease. Our dedicated MySql resources make sure of that. Your audience will be able to enjoy your site without any frustrating crashes.

An email address with your site’s name in it communicates a sense of professionalism. Our hosting service comes complete with business-class email for you and your employees.

Whatever your hosting needs, we’re here to help. Our hosting is only available to our clients, meaning you’re guaranteed the resources your small business deserves.

If you’d like to find out more about the hosting service we offer or any of the other services we have available for Los Angeles small businesses, contact us today.

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